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AdEdge Membrane Systems

Designed for tap, well, or surface water applications, AdEdge Reverse Osmosis Systems reduce total dissolved solids using advanced membrane technology.   Because almost all RO systems require pre-treatment for contaminates such as iron, manganese, suspended solids or organics, AdEdge offers a complete Integrated Membrane Solutions (IMS) system for a total treatment solution.

Our approach is simple and streamlined to accomplish your objectives: 

  • We review water quality and define treatment objectives
  • We determine site limitations, cost constraints, and site specific factors that affect the technology choice
  • We evaluate various proven treatment technologies to accomplish objectives
  • We work side by side with the engineer and customer to define and design the treatment train to reduce target contaminants at the lowest cost
  • We customize if needed to suit the customerWe provide integration for the entire system (if desired) to achieve centralized treatment and simplicity of operation.

 The AdEdge Technologies approach offers the following advantages:

  • Cost-effective solutions that accomplish treatment goals without overdesign:  Our engineers review all treatment options and scenarios to provide the optimum design solution at the most economical means.
  • Single source process responsibility: We provide the complete system / equipment package capability from the source water inlet pumping station to final treated water distribution including installation, service and commissioning.
  • Multiple concurrent contaminant removal: We remove multiple layers of water contaminants including and not limited to organics, suspended solids, iron, manganese, arsenic, uranium, radium, fluoride, silica, hardness and most other dissolved solids.  
  • Pre- and -post treatment integrated into a single control panel: Our engineers integrate all facets of controls and monitoring from pre- to post- treatment to a central control package easily connecting to your central controls.
  • Seamless process integration with other AdEdge equipment for simple operation and maintenance: Our equipment and processing simply partners and communicates with other AdEdge equipment for optimal operation and maintenance.
  • Systems designed with energy management in mind to lower operating costs:  Our engineers design with energy and cost in mind. We employ the latest, most effective means to minimize pumping requirements, utilize energy recovery devices and energy optimization components.
  • Less equipment and integration to procure, manage, operate, and maintain:    We design to minimize equipment requirements and foot-prints reducing capital, management and O&M costs.
  • Simpler installation and startup with one source supply: Our integrated equipment supply capability includes installation, startup and training for the complete AdEdge filtration package. 
  • Less operator time required to perform O&M functions, maintain, and monitor the system:  As your one source IMS equipment provider, we bring all O&M and monitoring functions to a single control and monitoring location.  Common control, instrumentation & monitoring equipment allows for easy integration to most any controller and operator maintenance.   

Industry Applications

Automotive Industry – Parts rinse waters

Beverage Industry – Filters contaminants, purifies water

Boiler & Cooling Towers – Pre-treatment to mixed bed deionization, low pressure boiler make-up, reduced energy consumption minimizing boiler and cooling tower blow down

Bottled Water – Removal of harmful bacteria, taste and odor. Maintains consistent water quality

Car Wash – Spot free rinse water

Chemical Manufacturing – Contaminants removal for blending waters

Electronics Manufacturing – Contaminants removal, pre-treatment to deionization, ultra pure / hi-purity water production

Hotels, Resorts, Schools – Potable / drinking water, contaminants removal, mineral scale reduction

Irrigation – Water for irrigation, golf course, etc

Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Biotech – Bacteria removal, pre-treatment to deionization, ultra pure / hi-purity water production

Laundry and Wash Waters – Removal of detergents, contaminants, wash water recycle

Metals Finishing, Metal Working – Heavy metals reclaim, wastewater reuse, rinse waters recycling

Mining – Heavy metals recovery, rinse waters

Municipal Water Utilities – Removal of bacteria, viruses, taste and odor. Maintains consistent water quality

Potable Drinking Water - Removal of bacteria, viruses, taste and odor. Maintains consistent water quality

Pulp and Paper – Organic contaminants removal from wastewater

Restaurants – Quality potable / drinking water, water for beverages, spot-free dish wash waters

Textile Industry – Contaminants removal, rinse waters

System Features

All Stainless Structural Steel Frame Construction
Stainless NEMA4X Control Panel
Stainless Hydraulic Panel
Stainless Butt Welded Inlet Piping
Stainless Automatic Inlet Valve
Stainless Cartridge Pre-Filter Housing
Stainless Multi-Stage Pump W/ TEFC Motor
Stainless High Pressure Piping
Stainless Pump Control Valve
Stainless Waste Control Valve
All Stainless Hardware and Victaulic Clamps
Stainless Instrumentation Tubing and Compression Fittings


AD-XL Series Reverse Osmosis System

Ultra Filter Membrane System

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