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Residential Water Treatment Systems For Arsenic Removal

AdVantEdge™ Medallion Series POE systems are ideal for whole-house arsenic treatment. No chemicals, no regeneration, low maintenance, worry free arsenic removal for the entire household. It's the most economical and effective whole-house treatment available. The adsorption process using AD33 granular ferric oxide provides the best arsenic removal performance of any available technology and is considered the standard in the industry. Medallion Series systems also effectively remove a number of other contaminants, including lead.

AdVantEdge™ High Capacity Series POU systems feature a multifunctional integrated system design ideal for under counter household residential use. Features a single-stage treatment approach using a selected 4.5 x 10-inch cartridge for arsenic removal. The system includes housing components i.e., sumps, caps, mounting bracket, faucet (lead-free), shut-off device, and tubing for a complete unit. Rated cartridge life is every 12 months or 3,000 gallons whichever comes first (for 50 ppb arsenic)

AdVantEdge™ Plus Series POU systems provide the ultimate in point-of-use protection. Incorporating AD33 technology, the Plus Series systems are the first carbon-block based products to achieve an NSF 53 certification for arsenic removal. Plus Series systems also have California certification. They remove a wide range of contaminants, including arsenic, lead, VOCs, pesticides, cryptosporidium, Guardia and chlorine. 

AdVantEdge™Dual Series POU under-counter systems are the perfect solution for providing arsenic-free water for cooking and drinking. Complete pre assembled systems include cartridges, housing, bracket, automatic shutoff flow meter, connection tubing and attractive chrome faucet. Easy installation with rapid results. The Dual Series is also available for uranium removal applications.


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