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Modular Systems

AdEdge Modular Systems provide a treatment solution for small water systems that are simple, affordable, and effective.  These systems are designed, pre-packaged and shipped un assembled to the field for installation by a qualified contractor or installer. AdEdge Modular systems generally require less engineering, space, and infrastructure.

AdEdge Modular systems are available in a variety of flow rates and configurations to meet needs from 10 to120 gallons per minute. Modular systems are primarily used on applications with relatively small flow rates, limited space, and the lowest cost treatment option is preferred with sacrificing performance.


  • Systems are completely pre-packaged and include automated valves, flow meter, pressure gauges and flow controls for simple permitting and installation.
  • Modular systems offer an economical option to achieve treatment goals.
  • AdEdge will work closely with you to size, design, and offer value added engineering assistance and permitting support;
  • Performance guarantee.  AdEdge’s extensive network of field installations (now over 2,000 installations) allows us to predict and stand behind the performance of our systems and media resulting in reduced liability.
  • Systems feature a small footprint and portability to fit in tight spaces where limited room is available;
  • Systems include detailed O&M manual, installation, and operating documentation.


Non-transient, non-community water systems

Schools, Churches Day care centers

Retirement homes

Manufacturing facilities

Very small public water systems

Rest stops

Environmental remediation

Industrial process applications

Industrial parks


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