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Our Vision

To be a recognized and impactful business providing engineered water treatment solutions and services that are tailored to customer needs and will enhance the quality of human health, improve the environment, or promote economic growth both regionally and globally.

Our Mission

To understand our customer’s water requirements and apply technology targeted to meet their specific needs;

To strive to build sound, long-term friendships with our customers;

To “manage the elements” with integrated engineered solutions that promote the value of water, are environmentally beneficial, and economically sustainable;

To be an authoritative, trusted source for water treatment solutions;

To work regionally and globally to steward our collective skills, talents, and resources to serve communities, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

To strive to consistently earn and maintain stakeholder value through intelligent and collective decision making and actions.

Our Core Values

Passion for Clean Water

We have a drive to apply and deliver water purification technologies to improve the quality of people’s lives, enhance the environment, and grow economies throughout the world. We seek to steward the knowledge, resources, and blessings we have received to serve others and our community..

Integrity…Any Time…Any Place

We strive to conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity, exercising fair business practices in all dealings with our customers, vendors, suppliers, subcontractors, employees, and all those we work with. We strive to be truthful, and respectful of each other, and consider the customer’s needs above our own interests.

Exemplary Service

Our sincere goal is to go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy our customers and meet or exceed their expectations in our dealings and relationships. By providing exemplary customer service we have the opportunity to satisfy the needs of our partners and build long-term relationships. We will be responsive to our customer’s requests, serve them competently, efficiently, and knowledgeably.


It is our goal to bring passion and excellence to our work by creating unique and sustained value at competitive prices for the customers and markets we serve; not settling for mediocrity, but striving for continuous improvement and higher quality in our products, processes, and customer relationships. We challenge ourselves to constantly improve the value proposition to our customers

Enjoyment of our Work

We believe work was designed and intended to be the source of professional fulfillment for employees and should be enjoyable. We endeavor to create an environment for employees to seek and obtain challenging work and professional growth; a place where employees demonstrate mutual respect, courtesy and concern for each other and employees are encouraged and permitted to afford time and attention to their families and other personal priorities.