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Water Treatment in Mining

The Mining Sector is one of the core industrial sectors being served by AdEdge Technologies. It is quickly becoming the fastest growing segment of our company. We offer customer driven water treatment solutions by understanding the needs of our customers and the demands of achieving ever changing and challenging water treatment discharge standards. From exploration to site closure and post closure, AdEdge can assist you in meeting your water treatment needs. With today’s emphasis on sustainability, AdEdge’s solutions are long-term focused and environmentally sensitive. We understand that the solutions employed must be able to satisfy regulatory agency requirements and improve the bottom-line. Ad-
Edge understands that our solutions must be compatible with our customers’ operating environment that includes widely fluctuating market conditions, commodity markets, and thin operating margins.

AdEdge utilizes a full range of conventional and innovative treatment technologies
to achieve tough standards including adsorption, metals precipitation, coagulation,
filtration, clarification, ion exchange, advanced oxidation, and membrane based
solutions. We can manage a wide range of contaminants often associated with
mining operations., dewatering, acid mine drainage, and potable water including
suspended solids, heavy metals, and radionuclide, as well as iron, manganese, organics, and total dissolved solids.

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AdEdge is a proud member of the Nevada Mining Association.


Acid Mine Drainage
Potable Water
Suspended Solids
Heavy Metals
Iron & Manganese
Total Dissolved Solids

Systems Offered

Integrated Membrane Systems

APU systems

Modular Systems