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Iron & Manganese

For treatment of Iron & Manganese removall, AdEdge Technologies uses our AD26 or ADGS+ media coogulation filtration with ferric chloride as the coagulation agent.  This process allows significantly higher flow rates per square feet of media, less backwash water than other conventional approaches, and smaller footprint systems which means lower capital and operating costs.  There are no hazardous chemicals or waste involved and the systems may be automated which decreases operator involvement and expense.

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Iron and/or manganese are common in groundwater environments and can produce unpleasant drinking water and produce staining of household appliances and clothing.  AdEdge systems for iron & manganese offer many advantages for achieving reduction of these contaminants:

  • Much higher filtration rates in gpm/sq ft compared to manganese greensand resulting in significantly smaller systems and footprint

  • Smaller systems and smaller footprints save you money on building size and real estate.

  • Low capital costs compared to alternatives such as greensand

  • More reliable and efficient removal of  iron, manganese, and sulfides than conventional approaches using other medias

  • Superior handling properties, stability, and NSF 61 certification with no permanganate or coagulant addition needed

  • Custom Solutions to fit your site needs

  • Enhanced kinetics that allow short contact times

  • Long life typically over 10 years before replacement

  • Performance over wide range of incoming water quality

  • Ideal complement to granular ferric oxide (Bayoxide E33) adsorption systems that results in longer media life and lower operating costs

  • High catalytic / oxidation activity for co-precipitation


AdEdge Systems for Iron & Manganese Removal

AD26 Systems

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Modular Systems

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