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Chemical Pre/Post Treatment


With certain water parameters, an essential aspect of effective treatment is adequate pretreatment of the raw water before reaching the primary treatment system.  This is true whether the application is for potable water, commercial, industrial, or environmental.  Without proper understanding of the water chemistry and parameters that affect system performance, whether it is a media or membrane system, high operational costs or non-performance will result.  Pretreatment can be simple mechanical filtration for suspended solids, coagulation or dispersant chemical addition, chlorine or other oxidation chemical addition or removal, and/or removal of organics or other contaminants that can foul or otherwise diminish system performance and require costly operation and maintenance.

Post Treatment

Depending on the application, such as for potable water, the treated effluent may require pH correction or disinfection prior to the distribution. AdEdge offers a variety of chemical feed system modules for chlorination, pH adjustment and others which may be desirable to achieve final water quality.

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